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Payment: Cash, Personal checks w/ID

All prices with out tax. If price is not listed call for estimate.

Pennsylvania Safety and Emissions Inspections, Emissions Waivers

Pennsylvania Safety Inspection: $24.95 + sticker

Emissions Inspection: $29.95

Safety/Emissions Combo: $49.95 + sticker

Emissions Waivers: $39.95 with documentation of required repairs

We can make all repairs required for passing Pennsylvania Safety Inspections. We also can diagnose Emissions Failures, and offer you a choice of repair options. We can issue an Emissions Waiver if requirements are met.

All Recommended Maintenance Procedures

Basic Oil Change: Change oil and filter, includes up to 5 qts of oil, new oil filter: $31.00 (most cars)

Deluxe Oil Change: Change oil and filter, check and adjust tire pressure, check and top off fluids, check air filter, belts and hoses:  $41.00

Full Synthetic Oil Change: Includes up to 5 qts. of specified full synthetic oil, and new oil filter: $79.95 (most cars)

Fuel Injection Cleaning: De-carbonize top of engine and intake:   $99.95

Transmission Flush, Tune-Up, Transfer Case Fluid Change, Front and Rear Axle Fluid Change.  Price varies with fluid, parts required and time needed to perform service. All maintenance procedures fulfill manufacturer's warranty requirements, and use OE specified fluids and parts.

General Automotive Diagnostics, Computer Diagnostics and Electrical Repairs

Labor for Domestic and Asian Car Repair: $67.50/ hour

European Car Repair: $75.00/ hour

Computer Diagnostic Labor rate: $75.00/hour  We can diagnose and repair check engine light faults, engine performance problems, and electrical problems.

Labor if you bring your own part: Call 

We have two enhanced capability scan tools, Pico dso oscilloscope(Can be used to test any electrical part on modern cars), and electronic diagnostic tools to diagnose and repair your vehicle.

Other Services

Air conditioner service and repairs

Any Mechanical Repairs: Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Drivetrain repairs, rear end repairs, window and interior accessory repairs, cooling system repairs, Just about anything that is not tires and alignment.

Engine diagnosis and repair, Engine gasket replacement

Custom Exhaust:

Duel Exhaust, Minor exhaust repairs, Muffler replacement, Pipe bent to customer request



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